A DOCUMENTARY which followed Ulverston's Harrison Holmes during his Children in Need adventure has aired on the BBC.

20-year-old Harrison joined Matt Baker for the fourth leg of the Rickshaw Challenge in the emotional documentary.

Setting off from Windermere, he cycled 16 miles back to his hometown.

When asked why he was taking part, Harrison said he wanted "to raise lots of money for Children in Need."

2021: The Great Rickshaw Relay Challenge explored how the community had rallied around Harrison when he was just seven months old.

Mum Jo said: "When he was first born and he was really poorly, I had to stay positive as I can that this child was going to live. The doctors sat me down and they said that, you know it’s kinder for Harrison to turn the machine off and end his life now. Harrison had other plans."

Jo decided to get in touch with The Mail, reaching out to the community to help get Harrison home.

She said: "Our local community within two weeks, raised £10,000 to get Harrison home for Christmas. Harrison thrived so much at home that we actually weaned him off the ventilator ourselves.

Harrison belongs to our community, because, if it wasn’t for them bringing him home, there was no way that Harrison would be alive today."

During the bike ride, Harrison and Matt Baker shared laughs and sang at the top of their lungs.

Never Enough from the Greatest Showman was one tune that Harrison particularly enjoyed.

Stopping for a quick break, Matt revealed to Harrison that he had a special message from his favourite radio presenter - Gary Davies.

Gary said: "Harrison, it's Gary Davies here. I hear you're on day four of the Rickshaw Challenge. What an amazing thing to do. Just want to wish you the very best of luck. I know you're going to attempt to cycle further than you ever have before and what a brilliant cause you are doing it for."

An excitable Harrison clapped his hands and shouted "go Gary!"

As Harrison and Matt arrived into Ulverston, crowds clapped and cheered.

Matt said: "This community is something else, honestly. And the love that they have for Harrison is just incredible.

"If it wasn’t for them and all that money that they raised, Harrison would never have had the chance to go home. He would never be here. I tell you what, the hairs on the back of my neck when we took that turn in there and came into market square here, it was just incredible."

Mum Jo added: "Every day I appreciate Harrison. I appreciate everyone in the family, the friends, the whole community what they’ve done for us.

"I am so, so grateful for life. For Harrison's life."