READERS have had their say after Jeremy Vine weighed in on a dispute over pianos in Barrow town centre.

After Barrow BID placed four pianos in the town centre, traders called them 'annoying' and asked for them to be removed.

Jeremy Vine covered the story on his Channel 5 show, asking his panel if the pianos should be removed or not.

Introducing the show, he said: "Should public pianos be banned? You often spot the instruments dotted around train stations and public places inviting people to have a go.

"But business owners in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria are totally fed up with theirs. They've complained that tone-deaf children are using pianos and driving customers away.”

Driver Dan said: “Any musical instrument played by people that can't play one sounds terrible. I'd have pushed them all into the dock!”

Barrow Born said: “Jeremy Vine yawn.”

Kieran McDonnell said: “Barrow will never change if we keep the small-town attitude, as this works every else but not Barrow! Why not? Why can’t we try make the place a better place and be a creative place to be proud of instead of it’s rubbish here nothing to do here yet when things happen people are against them, seems daft!

“Barrow’s a good place and has a lot of potential just need to stop with the attitude of tarring it with the same old brush.”

The Observer said: “He is judging results from other towns and stations who have these pianos, he has obviously never been to Barrow and seen the many feral misfit children causing problems.”

Rus Edgar said: “Being a pianist I wanted to play one today while we were in town and every single one was either locked or nailed shut. Don't let the minority spoil it for the majority.”

Barrow Insider said: “Perhaps people in Barrow aren't that good at playing the piano but they are good at building nuclear submarines. Glass half full!”

Another reader said: “Jeez Jeremy, slow news day was it?”

Kerry Griffin said: “There used to be a roundabout when I was a child that played music in Barrow market the pianos work well in Ulverston, people moan they don’t get footfall into the town then complain when they try to bring it in.”