A BIOLOGIST is set to publish his first eBook about his experience in the Antarctica where he volunteered on a penguin study.

Michael Anderson who was born in Barrow spent six months in Antarctica at Mawson Station working in a field camp as a volunteer on an Adélie penguin study.

Michael who has family in Millom and Askam is now writing a book about his adventure.

Michael said: “My time in Antarctica was quite literally out of this world.

“It involved visits to see the worlds largest penguin: the emperor penguin with its panda-faced chicks, that breeds throughout the harsh Antarctica winter.

“But there was much more to my journey: voyaging through a frozen ocean; skiing over the sea ice to icebergs the size of Askam in order to sit with Weddell seals and their velvety pups; walking on the icecap and climbing mountains that emerge through the icesheet and riding quad bikes over the icecap to reach field huts perched on the polar plateau as well as battling through blizzards.”

The book, ‘Birds, Beasts and Ice: An Antarctic Adventure’ features images taken by Michael himself so the readers can see for themselves the wonder of the world’s greatest wilderness that is the highest, driest and coldest continent on earth.

Michael and his wife Jane are now both retired and live in Askam.

Michael said: “We love Askam dearly.

“I wanted our community to be the first to know about my book and when published, hopefully to enjoy it.

“Any proceeds that I receive will be donated to Cancer Care in Barrow for their great work in providing services to those living with cancer and their families.”

A publishing date and online link to Michael’s book will be forthcoming shortly.