READERS have given their views after Boris Johnson said he is 'not in favour of more coal' but insisted the potential new colliery in Cumbria was 'not a decision for me'.

The Prime Minister said he was 'absolutely clear' that he did not want more mines, as world leaders gathered in Glasgow for the Cop26 climate change summit.

Coal firm West Cumbria Mining (WCM) wants to open a deep coal mine on the former Marchon chemical works on the outskirts of Whitehaven, Cumbria, to mine metallurgical or coking coal for use in the steel industry.

The Good Cumbrian said: "Wonder if all the new West Cumbrian Tories will turn on national sad sack Johnson now he's mumbled his way through being anti-coal. You know, like they did with Corbyn when he had the audacity to question the point of pouring money into new nuclear weapons."

Fred And Rose said: "'not a decision for me' sorry, remind me what your job title is again? I'm pretty sure he has a bit of influence in this discussion"

Mike Rotchburns said: "I think we should be burning more polystyrene and tyres in our back gardens than other countries."

David Eyley said: "But shouldn't we be aiming for better jobs than working down the mine in this day and age for our children? For too long, our county has been left behind in attracting new businesses and technology (Nuclear apart) to Cumbria. It almost as if it is nuclear career or nothing, and the nothing means moving out of Cumbria."

Tattie Peel said: "As 85% of the output from the mine needs to be exported, where will these exports go? But they will expend much greenhouse gases during their export.

I still await to hear where the markets are for that 85% of output will be, based upon higher costs within Britain, there will be few if any, takers."