THIS Hallowe'en I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to check out a small local business with devilishly good prices.

Henson's, based at 15 Anchor Road, is a family run business that sells pasta, burgers, baguettes and home cooked meals.

You can order by phone or on apps such as Barrow Eats and they have a Facebook page where they do daily deals and specials.

They offered a buy one get on free deal on burgers for Hallowe'en, with the choice of a beef burger, cheese burger, or bacon and cheese burger, all coming with a side of chips.

I ordered a cheese burger and a bacon burger, and thanks to the offer it came to a total of £6.

We phoned them to order and they were friendly and were bang on time with the food as well.

The cheese burger comes with a brioche bun and it was lovely.

The bun was nice, soft and fresh, and the relish in the burger was really tasty.

It all went together really well.

Ketchup, relish, lettuce, mayonnaise in a bun with a patty in there too - it is a good cheese burger isn't it.

It was grated cheese as well, it was not that processed square cheese that you get.

That burger did hit the spot.

The bacon and cheese burger had one slice of back bacon and a patty.

It was lovely, gorgeous even.

It was all well cooked and seasoned well as well.

For what was essentially three pound a meal, I think that was a fantastic deal.

I don't know how they make any money!

The chips are the frozen kind, but at the end of the day they were tasty, and that is all that matters.

You are not going to expect the chips to be twice cooked when the whole meal works out at three pound each.

People should definitely go and check them out, they are only a small business so give them your support.

I really recommend this food, there wasn't anything wrong with it at all, especially for three quid a meal.

There was plenty of toppings on the burgers, the buns were beautifully fresh - and the patty's were homemade 6oz beef burgers.

Orders can be placed at Henson's by calling: 01229 837649 or by visiting:

Henson's are open from Thursday-Sunday, from 5pm-10pm.

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