THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, tried some delicious dishes from a business heavily revolving around one of the nations favourite foods - cheese.

Grilla Cheese first came to Barrow in 2018, opening a stall in Barrow Market before booming in popularity and moving to its current Dalkeith Street location in 2019.

They do delivery and take away, and you can actually eat in inside the shop too.

They do all kinds of sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, wraps, desserts, burgers - all sorts.

I ordered three completely different items from the menu to try, dirty fries, a toasted sandwich and a burger.

It was a real treat opening the packaging to see just what it looked and smelt like.

The only thing that I can say about the dirty Chilli Fries is wow.

They are salted fries with home made chilli over the top, dripped in gooey melted cheese and topped with delicious, spicy jalapenos.

This dish costs £4.50.

I was a very lucky man.

The dirty fries were absolutely gorgeous, it was comfort food heaven.

They were absolutely beautiful to taste.

You can't really get it wrong, the cheese tasted great on top of the chilli.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

Next up to be tasted was the Philli Rump Steak sandwich, which costs £5.25.

This sandwich contained rump steak with a liberal amount of blue cheese and mozzarella.

The sandwich is smothered in a tangy chilli sauce too.

The philli rump was a treat, and I love blue cheese.

The sandwich was really thick, there's a lot of filling in there.

It was just so tasty, it tasted really beautiful.

You could really taste the blue cheese in there.

The final item to try was a phenomenal looking burger.

It was the Meat Beast - which is made of every meat that they have under the counter, which is chopped up small and then mixed with three cheeses until melted.

It's complimented by Sriracha sauce on the bottom bun, and barbecue sauce on top.

This beast of a burger costs just £6.

It tasted beautiful and it was all seasoned perfectly - it was divine.

The burger was just heaven, infact, it was all gorgeous food.

My favourite was the sandwich - cheese and steak joy.

I can't fault Grilla Cheese, I highly recommend it so go and check them out.

If you are in the Barrow area, definitely go and see them because they really are amazing.

It is real comfort food heaven, let's be honest.

Orders can be placed at Grilla Cheese by calling: 07733 822520

You can also order from takeaway app Barrow Eats.

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