A POPULAR Barrow restaurant has marked its third anniversary and has plans to expand its business in the future.

Mario’s House, located on Dalton Road, opened in 2019 and marked three years of trading on October 22.

To celebrate the restaurant offered a number of discounts for the public, these include ten percent off delivery service on Barrow Eats and on dining in.

Manager Steve Terry, who joined the business last year, said: “It was a very nice occasion for us.

“We didn’t actually do anything major at the time, but we did put a few offers on and some money off options including takeaways and dine in.

“We are planning to have a little bit of a part ourselves, maybe a little get together after work.

“Probably won’t have a cake though. We’re always very busy here and when we finally finish everyone usually wants to get home.

“There were some balloons up on the day and it was a nice occasion.

“We have some great staff here. Two of the people who own the business are chefs, and there are three chefs in total.

“We have a kitchen porter.

“I myself do some work in the restaurant sometimes and a little work in the kitchen like preparing plates and bringing some out.

“One of the ladies who own it is also a chef but she also helps bringing the food. She’s like a half chef, half manager, and half waitress.

“It’s a team effort so everyone does what they can to help everyone else where they can.

“I don’t do a lot of kitchen work but I do prepare plates and everyone else upstairs also does a lot.

“I had been friends with the owners before I started working here when I worked in retail. After I was made redundant the gentleman asked if I’d like to take up a job with them and I was so grateful to them.

“Over the three years it has been very successful for Mario House. During lockdown when the restaurants were open then shut, open then shut, we found that delivery was becoming really successful.

“We’ve had some great feedback over the months and it’s great to see so many regulars stay with us.

“We love seeing die hard Mario House come and see us.

"We’re on a building on one side of Dalton Road and we’ve purchased the old coffee collect. They bought that and completely stripped it out. It can be used for a great wine bar, coffee shop, and we’re looking into some potential expansions out of town.”