THE NORTH West Air Ambulance Charity (NWAA) staff and volunteers were on cloud nine thanks to a grant of £19,990 received from the Morrisons Foundation.

The donation will enable life-saving monitors to be purchased by the charity.

As Jon Ward, Head of High Value Grant Giving at NWAA explains: “We’re delighted to receive a grant of £19,990 from Morrisons Foundation.

"Thanks to their generous support we can purchase two monitor and defibrillation units for our helicopters, making a lifesaving difference to our patients across the North West.”

“The most vital piece of equipment we use daily is the hospital grade monitor and defibrillator. It can quickly ascertain the condition of the patient’s heart, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, ventilation, and body temperature – and perform emergency defibrillation for patients in cardiac arrest.

"It does all this while communicating seamlessly with other medical equipment both on board and in hospital, and can produce detailed medical reports to inform doctors of precise medical circumstances.”

“NWAA does not receive government or NHS funding, and we rely solely on the support of our community and donors. It’s thanks to supporters, businesses and Trusts, like the Morrisons Foundation, that we are able to continue flying to save lives.”