AFTER two Barrow men were sentenced at Preston Crown Court for growing cannabis, a debate has opened up over the legality of the drug.

The men were present when police entered a Church Street property on February 28 this year.

They were sentenced to two years, three months and three years in prison.

Jon Hawkins said: "It would be nice to have something that helps my arthritis without me losing my job."

Michael Fell said: "Our drug laws in this country do not work. We have the highest reoffending rates in the western world. A total rethink is needed.

"Alcohol related crimes are far worse than cannabis related crimes!"

Dave Wild agreed: "Who's more likely to start trouble in town, A stoner or a drunk?"

Frank Willis said: "If it was legal there would be less trouble as gangs add stuff to the stuff they sell so people get hooked on harder drugs."

Tom Dockerty said: "I agree you should be able to get it without being arrested and sent to court."

Jeff Pickthall said: "Yes, definitely. Legalise, regulate, tax, educate."

Peter Sullivan disagreed.

He said: "There's increasing evidence that cannabis, especially the modern stronger types, causes serious mental issues in a significant proportion of users.

"Large corporations are eager for it be legalised. They stand to make billions.

"Cannabis is not the harmless drug so many think it is. Its legalisation could have serious implications for society."

SayhowIfeel said: "I'm healthy, don't drink, smoke or ever done drugs so why should I have to put up with people smoking cannabis next door and put up with the smell coming into my house and affecting kids' health.

"I own my house so shouldn't have move just because I have inconsiderate neighbours. Hope that don't legalise it."