A BARROW pub is celebrating being back in action after a much anticipated reopening.

The team at the Odd Frog, headed by husband and wife Andrew and Lisa Turner, and local musician and businessman Jason Berry, have faced a difficult few months after struggles brought about by the coronavirus pandemic forced them to make an announcement that the venue would close.

However, a flurry of support from the public meant that the team went on a fundraising mission - including a 50 musician strong festival - to bring back the venue.

Thursday night saw a soft opening of the venue for members and friends of Odd Frog, and last night saw it officially opened to everyone.

Talking about the soft launch, Mr Berry said: "It was great. we just had a soft launch so it was a good way to get our feet wet and get the place open. It was nice to get the place open and see people enjoying themselves.

"What we're trying to build here is a community, it's not just a pub or a venue - we are trying to create a safe space for people to come and enjoy and be creative.

"We want everyone to be a part of it and the opening was a really great start to it. We want to keep the quality high so we are just taking baby steps.

Entertainment was provided by band The Sun Kings, who Mr Turner described as "great."

Talking about the moment members started to arrive, he said: "When everyone walked in it was like 'woah we're back'. It really was just like seeing old family and friends again, like that feeling at Christmas when everyone comes round.

"It was just great to see such happy, smiley people and them enjoying it again.

"The only worry we have got now is the rising number of covid cases again - Crikey, hopefully that wont rear its head again!"

The Odd Frog has made some small changes, such as a temporarily more limited cocktail menu.

Mr Turner said: "We have taken some of the more difficult cocktails off the menu for now while the staff are finding their feet again.

Friday night's entertainment was provided by popular band the Thieving Magpies.