PEOPLE have been left outraged after a group of Barrow teens attempted to run over seagulls at Hollywood Park.

A group of teens were throwing fast food wrappers onto the ground to attract baby gulls before attempting to hit them with mopeds.

Ray Guselli said: "It is the level of mentality some people unfortunately have.

"Sick, twisted and vile behaviour which to them is apparently fun and entertainment."

Janet Morgan said: "My heart saddens at how certain people, feel nothing for helpless animals and birds. I hate going onto Hollywood Park, so many baby gulls that are not safe.

"It would be far better to have a feeding area somewhere so they at least were kept in one safe area."

Bethany Hewson said: "Sick as hell! Do it to them and see how they like it."

Elisabeth Ashleigh, of Bardsea Bird Sanctuary, said gulls stand little chance when facing off against vehicles but are often quick enough to take off.

The ones who get hit and do survive often can't be saved because of open fractures.

Belinda Eathorne said: "These idiots want their licenses revoking. That unfortunately is the mentality of these kids, cruel and brain dead."

Victoria Georgina Fryer said: "Those kids need serious help before they end up future serial killers and dregs of society. Imagine knowing your kids had done this. You'd be sick. Absolutely twisted behaviour. It's not at all normal or funny. Vile and concerning."

Janet Bury said: "I never understand parents who allow their young children to chase birds, start with toddlers telling them no when they chase pigeons. I've seen kids chasing the geese with sticks in the park with a gormless parent stood there."

Cumbriabythesea said: "I was the lady that saw them and shouted at them (I won't say what I called them!) at which they sped off. I also tried ringing 111 but after half an hour of waiting on the phone gave up. Not one other person said anything to them - their behaviour was sick but I am sick of people just standing by and enabling this kind of behaviour."