ULVERSTON town centre should be properly pedestrianised, say residents, after councillors call for the 20mph speed limit to be extended.

Councillors would like to see the temporary 20 mph speed limit in Ulverston town centre extended after seeing a 'positive effect' on the community.

The speed restrictions came into force between September and October last year, affecting roads across South Lakeland including Ulverston, Ambleside, Windermere, Bowness, Kendal and Kirkby Lonsdale.

The measure was implemented as part of Government funding to re-open town centres safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chris Unwin said: "It's a good idea. Ulverston's streets are narrow and too many people drive too quickly through the town."

Jack Jarvis said: "The councillors want to get down New Market Street between the hours of 07:00 & 08:00 and watch the amount of contractor vans tearing down there in their haste to get a Greggs takeaway, 20mph? My archibald."

Angus MeCoatup said: "Speed limits everywhere are ignored, every road is affected. I will never understand why vehicles need to be able to travel at speeds way over the 70mph maximum speed limit. I don't mean 80 or 90, but most cars can now do well over 100mph."

Others had their own ideas for making the town pedestrian-safe.

Peter Needham said: "Ulverston must be one of the most un-pedestrianised towns in Europe: that, combined with very narrow pavements create problems for humans, if not cars."

Mark Currie said: "Pedestrianise it so tables and chairs can be set up with canopies. Covid safe."

Chris George said: "Agree pedestrianised. Its what the people want, not speed limits!"

Essoblue said: "Instead of 20mph, it'd be better doing some sort of bypass around Ulverston instead of that roundabout.

"What a mess the roads are going to be when 1000 new houses are built - but then again money talks."