A PRECIOUS metals dealer who 'struggled through lockdown' in South America took his own life after being reported missing just a month after he returned to Cumbria, an inquest heard.

Andrew McIvor was found dead by his father following a brief period of psychosis paranoia in which he believed Argentine drug cartels were after him, the Coroner's Court in Cockermouth was told.

He returned to the UK in February due to his struggles with dealing with lockdown, his neighbour in Argentina said.

Police officers from Heathrow airport discovered the 53-year-old in a state of mental health crisis on February 14 following his flight from Buenos Aires.

He was found behind the counter in Cafe Nero wielding a knife covered in his own blood, police statements said.

The father-of-one claimed gangs from Argentina were after him and were 'going to kill him and his family' before he was detained under the Mental Health Act.

He was given treatment for his paranoia before being transferred to the Mulberry ward in Cumbria.

Dr Peter Wilson, a consultant psychiatrist who conducted a psychiatric report on Mr McIvor in 2021, said he was diagnosed with paranoid ideation on February 16 but on February 24 had no symptoms of this and he presented no threat to himself or others - putting this down to a brief state of psychosis.

However, the report said health professionals were aware he was at risk of having another psychotic episode.

The Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust, who were in charge of his care during his time in Grange, said lessons had been learned from this death and actions had been taken based off recommendations from the report.

Mr McIvor was found dead in Grange on March 24 - six days after he was reported missing.

"He was a gifted piano and double bass player," his father Malcolm McIvor said in a statement.

"His son was the apple of his eye.

"He started working for Tech Metals in the US remotely from Argentina.

"His marriage broke down in Argentina but he remained living there.

"He was a kind boy who took after his father with his musical talent."

Mr McIvor received many messages from his son's friends from across the world who reached out upon learning of his death.

Mr McIvor said when his son first went missing on March 18 he had left a note for him and his grandson.

On March 24 after realising the police had not checked his office, Mr McIvor went to a building on Grange Fell Road and found his son unresponsive.

"I am satisfied that a conclusion of suicide is appropriate here," coroner Mr Robert Cohen said in his summary.

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