SPORTS charity is launching activities across Cumbria and finding new ways of getting residents into an active life style.

The new Sport England-backed charity ParkPlay aims to help communities and individuals become active through meeting, moving and playing.

Their work is all conducted free of charge.

The company is now hiring across Cumbria to find salaried leaders who can organise, promote and manage new sessions.

ParkPlay has recently hired one PlayLeader, Laura Leigh, a paediatric nurse living on Walney Island off the southwest coast of Cumbria.

Laura Leigh, a paediatric nurse living on Walney Island off the southwest coast of Cumbria, said: “I first heard about ParkPlay through Active Cumbria, hosted by the Cumbria County Council’s Public Health Team, and started working as a PlayLeader in Barrow Park.

"My role is now expanding to recruit new leaders in more parks across the region, and it’s our dream for ParkPlay to be within easy walking distance for all families, friends and individuals living in Cumbria who want to take part.

“The sessions take place each Saturday morning from 10-11am, and we do a whole host of activities from football and rounders to treasure hunts. Anyone of any age, fitness level or ability is absolutely welcome to join, and I look forward to continuing to lead the Barrow Park sessions as well as hopefully getting into other parks.

"As well as spreading the word on Facebook and through word of mouth, I also plan to go into nearby schools and get local children interested in ParkPlay.

"We want to spread the word far and wide so everyone can enjoy exercise amongst new friends for free."

ParkPlay CEO, Rick Jenner says, “It’s never been more important to lead an active life and more and more people understand the wide benefits it can bring. But a great many people, however, aren’t interested in traditional clubs and teams, are turned off by organised sports and don’t want to join a gym, but do enjoy playing and having fun with friends and family – that’s where we come in.

“We offer weekly sessions in local parks, run by local people for local communities. Each session is completely free and includes a whole host of different games and activities, some structured and some a bit more freestyle.

“We’d love to get up and running in more parks across Cumbria, but we need more local people with local knowledge and expertise to come forward and join us. We’re in numerous parks already, offering games and fun for free every Saturday morning and there’s no reason we can’t do the same here – we just need local leaders."