PLANS are in the pipeline for an archaeological dig following a discovery by a metal detectorist.

Peter Major, of Barrow, found three stave axe heads, which have been dated back to the Bronze Age, near the Coast Road.

Experts have dated the finds to between 1,500 BCE (Before Common Era) and 1,300 BCE.

"I first got involved through Graeme Rushton at Unearthed UK who was really helpful," Mr Major said.

"I took to an area near the Coast Road and found a Bronze Age hoard and it was my first commission.

"I had an archaeologist come down to look at the area and I believe there is going to be a dig in that area next year.

"The farmer said that he had detectorists come on the land before who had all found nothing.

"I also found a hoard of medieval hammered coins, which comes from when Edward I, II, and III were around."

The 46-year-old explained that the finds - which also included a spear head from the same era - from the site are significant for archaeologists because there have previously been no finds of this kind at the mound.

"Where I found the axes was a man-made mound that we know was from the Bronze Age," he said.

"It is funny to think that last person to touch these axe heads before me was from thousands of years ago.

"I just cannot believe it."

For Mr Major, who is a family man, detecting is his way of clearing his mind and believes it helps with his Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - for which he has recently been diagnosed.

"I struggle with social aspects of life," he said.

"Metal detecting is one of the best things to do to get away from society for a little bit.

"I think it is brilliant for mental health."

The next stage is an archaeological dig where Mr Major hopes more finds will be made and more of the Bronze Age history of Furness will be discovered.