TWO television personalities showcased Barrow and the South Lakes on Thursday.

Dave Myers and Si King, the two members of the Hairy Bikers, travelled to the town as part of their show: 'The Hairy Bikers Go North'.

Dave was emotional visiting his home town, and recalled his time working in Barrow's steelworks.

He said: "It's where I got my first proper job straight out of school. I loved it, there was a community and we all looked after each other."

On arriving in the town, the pair were met with a familiar sight.

Dave said: "True to form, it's raining.

"If the weather had been fair, it would've felt wrong."

He explained how he got his love of bikes from his dad, who would work on them in the back yard.

When his mum was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a lot of the household chores became his responsibility. His dad did the cooking but he did the shopping for the week.

"I got £10 and did the shopping for the week. It was a lot of responsibility."

They then visited Caroline and Lucas at the Peace and Loaf Bakehouse.

The bakery blossomed from a stall on the market to their own premises, located on Ironworks Road.

After customers at the market encouraged them to expand, they started a kickstarter and reached their goal within four days, well ahead of their month deadline.

Lucas said: "We used to have to travel for good food and it's nice to think we'd be doing it for our town."

They showed the Bikers how to make sourdough bread, which they class as their speciality.

Si King, on tasting, said: "This is a religious experience."

After trying the bakery, they moved on to explore the South Lakes.

In an appearance on The One Show last night, Si revealed that his friend had caught coronavirus.

He said: "Dave's got Covid.

"He's getting there. I think he's not too well but not bad.

"It's very odd to be here without him."

Their BBC show was filmed last year and is the first time they've filmed in the UK for 10 years.

In it, they travel around the North of England and experience the different tastes it has to offer.