COMEDIAN Ross Noble has announced the dates for his upcoming shows in Barrow.

Following his hugely successful 2018 tour ‘El Hablador’ comedy legend Ross Noble will be back on stage from October 14 to February 25, 2022.

His new tour will be named Humournoid.

Ross will be appearing in Barrow on November 6 at The Forum.

Explaining the backdrop for his latest must-see stand-up show, he said: “Imagine a huge version of my head that splits in half, and then wires are stretched between the two halves and you can see all the circuit boards inside and the LEDs flashing.

"It’s the perfect curtain-raiser.

"I thought it would be cool to walk out at the beginning of the show through a massive version of my head.”

Throughout a celebrated award-winning comedy career, Noble has often favoured something more elaborate than a stool and a microphone stand when it comes to stage settings.

“All of my sets are basically Spinal Tap-like,” he said when referring to the fictional heavy metal band that once leapt out on stage to a miniature version of Stonehenge.

“You create something that looks like it should be at Wembley Stadium, but then you come out and it’s just a bloke making jokes for two hours."