A derelict South Cumbrian property is set to feature on Grand Designs tonight.

In a South Lakeland valley in the countryside sits the collapsing, derelict property that was once a former Blacking Mill.

 A young couple from Cumbria, Rob and Ruth, hope to turn the property into a “new-build hybrid”, as they plan to create a new contemporary building inside the outer walls.

They hope to preserve the building’s original atmosphere and as much of the structure as possible, while making it habitable.

However, the couple face difficult straight away as they are are told by Historic England that the property is too dangerous to repair.

They are then forced to change plans, and have to painstakingly re-build the ancient mill-buildings around their new timber-frame structure.

A clip posted on Twitter shows teasers of the couple beginning their restoration project, with host Kevin McCloud declaring the finished project is “utterly astonishing”.

Last week Grand Designs ventured to Chichester, West Sussex, where Dan and Nina built a sublime, unique family home on their plot that was dominated by local drainage.


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Unable to get rid of the water on the property, the couple instead turned the drainage into a pond, and built their house to float on it.

You can watch Rob and Ruth and their South Cumbrian home project tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.