THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, taste tested pizza and more from a Dalton pizzeria.

I went to pick up a family meal from La Luna, which is based on Broughton Road.

This particular meal includes two large pizzas, a cheesy garlic bread, a bottle of tango and two lots of chips for £16.

We also bought spicy chicken wings, which included four wings for £2.80 - bringing the total up to £18.80.

There's quite a lot of stuff in the family meal.

It looked amazing when I was opening up the boxes.

This was a real weekend treat.

La Luna was recommended to me by someone named Ellie. This was my first time eating food from here.

The first thing that I tucked into was the spicy hot wings.

They were really nice and crisp.

I really loved the crispy coating on the outside, that was lovely.

The chicken was nice and moist as well.

There's some heat to the wings but not too much of it.

The wings themselves are a really good size too.

Next to be put to the test were the chips.

They are frozen ones so they are just your average run-of-the-mill chips.

They are still nice and tasty, they do taste good.

They are hot and they taste nice, you can't really ask for more from them can you?

The cheesy garlic bread was lovely.

The cheese was really great - and there's plenty of it on there.

The base of the garlic bread is soft and light. The base tastes quite nice as well.

The garlic brad is not too overpowered with the garlic either.

The first pizza to be tasted was the 'Special Pizza'

The Special Pizza comes with ham, pepperoni, mushroom, mixed pepper, onions and sweetcorn.

It was lovely. A gorgeous pizza.

The base of it was soft and tasty - I personally like deep pan bases but there was plenty of base on that.

The tomato sauce on the base was lovely too.

For myself I got the Hot and Spicy.

This comes topped with American spicy beef, onions, jalapenos, mixed herbs and spices.

A lovely tasting pizza.

The jalapenos give it a kick but I love them - they are so tasty.

The cheese on the pizza is lovely. It is all absolutely gorgeous, I can't fault it.

A thank you to Ellie for recommending this takeaway, it is gorgeous.

I will be going here again - it is highly recommended.

It cost us £18.80 which is a lot of money, but the amount you get makes it worth it.

Absolutely fantastic.

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