A FATHER and daughter who formed a punk rock band are set to release their debut EP.

Voodoo Radio is made up of daughter – singer/drummer Paige Cook and dad – guitarist, Tony Cook. Based in Ulverston the duo are set to release their debut 10" mini album, Pop Pills, a collection of eight self-penned songs, on Holy Dotage Records on December 3.

The Cumbrian pair reside between Ulverston and Hammersmith and are also announcing the release of their first single, Space Girl which will be available on October 1.

The pair started rocking the tunnels of Leicester Square tube station, London in 2018, stopping commuters and tourists alike in their tracks with their classic ‘summer of ‘76 power pop sound, bringing to mind Blondie, The Ramones, The Damned and The Ruts.

They have described their sound as a meld of Transvision Vamp, Stray Cats, and finally some classic Eddie Van Halen guitar sounds.

The duo deliver irresistibly infectious two and a half minute pop songs, fuelled by Paige’s relentless drumming and dynamic vocal charm.

Layer this with her unique 'cut through the ice’ lyrics and Tony’s outrageous guitar style, it takes you back to the days when there was no shame in delivering an epic Slash/Angus Young guitar solo.

Rock managers John Brice and AP Childs discovered Voodoo Radio busking in Leicester Square tube station, en-route to another gig.

Just as they hit the escalator they said they were stopped in their tracks by the duo tearing through one of their songs titled ‘Pretty Boy’.

Phone numbers were exchanged, more songs written and recorded in a home studio set-up in rural Cumbria – where noise levels are not an issue.

Tony is a seasoned performer who in previous bands supported Wizard, Status Quo and Budgie, and has many tales to tell of surviving the northern working men’s club circuits.

Paige would jump on stage as a backup singer and dancer and travelled all over the north, even supporting Status Quo at the age of 14.

After studying at the famous London Italia Conti school, she started on lead vocals.

Tony was inspired by hearing Slaves on the radio and suggested to Paige to 'get two shoe boxes, anything that’s like a drum stick, a table knife and a wooden spoon and see if you can sing and play rhythms whilst hitting a beat', – this was how Voodoo Radio was formed.

Paige said: "We have had radio plays, even one in Australia and one in Spain.

"We have always written music, I used to think my dad was uncool, since I was a kid he used to ask me to sing along, but it became cool later."

Paige had been training musically from the age of six, learning how to sing, and still uses the techniques today.

Having been discovered while busking, she added: "Busking is such a good opportunity, we have had so many people booking us for weddings and it's a great way to get people to hear our stuff.

"Being discovered wasn't what we expected."

Voodoo Radio have plans to tour in Cumbria, with some dates hitting Carlisle and South Cumbria as well, in the meantime, their first gig on their tour will be in The Black Bull in Gateshead on October 3.