A WOMAN will be taking part in this years London Marathon to raise money for special charity that has affected her family.

Ashleigh Atkinson, 30, a professional fitness instructor and personal trainer at Ulverston Fitness will be running the London Marathon on October 3 to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society.

The Alzheimer’s Society holds a special place in Ashleigh’s heart as she sadly lost her grandma to it and watches her grandad suffer with it now daily.

She said: “A lot of people know at least one person in their life that has unfortunately suffered with alzheimers so I thought it’s an important charity to raise money for.

“So far I have raised over £2,000 with donations still coming in.

“My auntie who works at Brocklebanks in town has a charity pot on the counter so is collecting for me there too and I held challenges and fundraisers so a lot of people from class contributed to making a donation also.”

Ashleigh set up a Prosecco Pilates fundraiser were attendees took part in a pilates session and after enjoyed bottomless Prosecco.

Ashleigh said: “It was really fun and uplifting, everyone was fun and enthusiastic.

“They all paid for a ticket which went to the charity, I’m hoping to run more sessions like this in the future as it also helps people who might be nervous coming on their own to come out of their shell and meet new people.”

Ashleigh said: “It’s a challenge in itself for me but to raise money for a charity that means a lot to me it’s worth it.

“Thank you to everyone for being so generous and supportive, it’s really appreciated and will hopefully make me run that little bit faster.”