AN MP has added his full support to a group aiming to change football for the better.

The former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, has given his full support to Fair Game in a bid to reboot football.

Fair Game is a group of 29 value-driven football clubs supported by 40 world-renowned experts hoping to change our national game for the better. Last week Fair Game outlined its final proposals in the 48-page document Putting Pride Back In The Shirt.

Mr Farron said: “The structures of our national game are broken. Owners are allowed to play Russian roulette with the history and traditions of their clubs. Financial sustainability seems to be an almost alien concept and the connect with local communities is waning.

“The well-run clubs, such as Carlisle, are having to run to stand still in a system that does not reward good behaviour.

“That needs to change. Fair Game’s Sustainability Index does that.

“That would be transformational not just for football, but for all of our communities up and down the country – and I hope it finds cross-party support and is part of Tracey Crouch’s final report."