A renowned Lake District inn has joined forces with a team of expert falconers to offer guests and visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some very special birds of prey.

The Wild Boar Inn near Windermere is working with Lake District Falconry to offer the falconry experience sessions. They feature a ‘hawk walk’ allowing participants the chance to stroll through the venue’s private woodland whilst the hawks fly freely in the canopy above, swooping down to land on their gloved fists.

The ‘hawk walk’ affords additional time with the birds in The Wild Boar’s magical woodland, learning about their behavioural habits and the special bond between humans and birds of prey, whilst watching them twist and turn through the trees.

One of the raptors will then perform in a simulated hunt, demonstrating the power of its impressive talons and hooked beak in the capture of its prey. The sessions end with a short Q&A about the birds and another chance for participants to capture their own unique photographs.

To book your Falconry experience session, visit: https://englishlakes.co.uk/the-wild-boar/wild-experiences/falconry/