THE committee who organises the Keswick to Barrow and the Coniston to Barrow walk have been hard at work in recent weeks making sure all is set in motion for the event at the weekend.

The committee as a whole are predicted to have put in around 400 hours of work this week alone and are well into the thousands in total to make sure everything runs smoothly on Saturday.

"Quite a lot has gone into this event," committee member John McIntosh said.

"It has been two-and-a-half years since the last one and most of us in the committee have taken the week off work to put in the last-minute preparations.

"The team have been loading the vans, checking the stations, and sorting out the route markings.

"When I get back to my day job, I think that will be a bit easier than this last week.

MEET THE COMMITTEE: John McIntosh, K2B Committee member

MEET THE COMMITTEE: John McIntosh, K2B Committee member

"We are working eight-hour days every day this week and given the number of committee members that means we are doing well over 400 hours this week in total. Basically, a full-time job."

He explained that this massive event has had to be juggled alongside other events in Cumbria, which means the route will not be going through Hodge Close to avoid clashes with another event but will instead go through Tilberthwaite, which Mr McIntosh states is just as scenic.

The committee member also cited the event as heavily reliant on their volunteers and has praised all their efforts in previous years and thanked them for all their hard work.

More than 300 volunteers are helping with the event and making sure all goes smoothly on the day and during the clean-up.

The success of the Keswick and Coniston to Barrow Walks is largely dependent on the army of volunteers that help out on the weekend walk.

Volunteers can support in all kinds of ways from first aid support, to marshalling, to the big clear-up.

It may be too late to help this year, but they will be on the lookout for more volunteers for next year’s event in Spring.

The organisers will not have much time to look back on this weekend though as their next event will look to return to their historic date in May.

So, plenty of work will be required to make sure that event is just as successful as previous years. In addition to this, the committee receive training in safety and traffic management which is vital knowledge for keeping participants safe and give them the best experience possible.