EXCITED Raiders fans have been heaping praise on the club and coach after obtaining promotion to the Championship.

Raiders beat West Wales Raiders 76-0 and set a club record for most tries scored by wingers in one game (11) in the process.

Winning the title means they gain automatic promotion into the Championship joining fellow Cumbrian side Whitehaven.

Raiders head coach Paul Crarey said: "It has been a tough year.

"People don't realise what the players have gone through to just get out and play sometimes with Covid and rule changes.

"Everyone in the league has done well to put on a show for the fans this year.

And the fans were ecstatic.

Stephen Gibson: "Raiders must be brave and ship in new talent to build a strong side that will border on success."

Ian Mcskimmings said: "Great for the town.  Hope we can recruit some quality players to mount a challenge. Got to find our feet first, it's a tough league. Patience is needed."

Janet Poskitt said: "You have done an excellent job with a great team behind you.  Looking forward to next season."

Pete Murphy said: "I think he is a rugby genius!

"Every year we’ve had tiny playing budgets compared to other clubs. Now financially the clubs doing real well, let’s see how well we can do with Cresta at the helm and a few quid in the bank!"

Ann Stewart said: "You are the greatest leader of a wonderful team, we are all behind you."

Wonderwinger said: "Well done Raiders - top to bottom and all the fans - a
great achievement.  Just brilliant.  Oggy, oggy, oggy!"