BARROW plans to rehouse refugees has been welcomed.

A plan is due to be discussed to welcome 10 households of refugees from the country, whose capital Kabul was recently taken over by the militant group.

Members of Barrow Council's executive committee are due to sign-off on making accommodation available for families.

Samantha Taylor said: "The government has just magicked billions for Covid, including a track and trace system that fell flat on its face and contracts for their mates.

"If they wanted to they could end the housing crisis in the UK, there’s no excuse for homelessness and abject poverty in a prosperous country such as ours.

"They choose not to.

"Direct your anger at the government (and the opposition who are no opposition at all).

"While we’re bickering with each other they’re doing what they want unchecked. It’s just what they want."

Paul Griffiths said: "Let’s just be kind to a few families who will likely have seen, and lived through, some unimaginable situations, all in the cause of supporting our troops."

Adam Gelling said: "Great idea - we absolutely should be helping since we can.

"We have thousands of vacant homes in England no reason we can't help both parties."

Bryan Davies said: "We also have an obligation to support those whose country we were at war in for 20 years. Many of those coming here are classed as being vulnerable - they assisted coalition forces fighting the Taliban, thereby putting their lives and the lives of their loved ones at great risk should they remain in Afghanistan now the Taliban have taken control again.

"These people don’t want to run away, they have to run away, and we owe it to them to pay back the debt we accrued to them and their families for their selfless sacrifices.

"Also they’re some of the warmest, nicest people you could hope to meet. Give them a chance all they want is to live free from fear or persecution."