A GAS company have ensured the public there have been no malfunctions at the site following concern over smoke coming from its Barrow terminal.

The Roose-based site was pictured by a member of the public with a plume of smoke coming from the plant in the early evening of September 7, which led to concerns from people who lived nearby as to whether there was a problem.

Spirit Energy, which is owned by Centrica, run the Rampside Road site, and originally stated that there had been “ no incident and the terminal was operating normally”.

Following up on questions regarding the smoke, the gas company told The Mail that the smoke did come from their site but was not due to a malfunction on the premises.

A spokeswoman said: “It has been confirmed that there was no incident, and the terminal was operating normally.

“There are certain operational conditions that can lead to generation of smoke from the incinerator and, whilst this is not common, it can occur as part of safely managing process conditions at the plant, and we are aware that these conditions were present on the evening that the photograph was taken.”

Both Cumbria Constabulary and Cumbria Fire and Rescue stated that they had no call-outs in their logs dispatching anyone to that area at the time for an incident.

Three fire engines were called out to gas terminals in Barrow in February 2017 after increased temperatures in pressure equipment were identified.