This week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to take on a sizzling dish from an Indian restaurant and takeaway.

I drove over to Aroma on 20 King Street in Ulverston to purchase a meal for both myself and my lady before heading back.

I've never been here before, but it was recommended to me by a lovely foodie named Tom - a viewer of my YouTube channel!

It was quite the coincidence because my good lady said she fancied an Indian.

If you get take your food away from this restaurant you get 20 per cent off.

What I ordered was a chicken vindaloo for myself, a lamb bhuna with pilau rice and a naan.

I also got poppadoms and a pickle tray.

It should have cost around £24, but because of the discount it came to just under £20.

My chicken vindaloo was a really great portion - it was really full.

The menu description said the dish is known for its fabulously rich, extravagant hot taste. I love chicken vindaloo, so I was salivating before I tried it!

The dish is a real treat and a half.

The heat came on quickly and it was beautiful. Spot on.

The spices are lovely, its complex and tasty - not just straight up heat. It's not red hot either, it's just right for me.

There was quite a lot of meat in the dish and the potatoes were nice and soft.

They had soaked up all the flavour of the vindaloo.

The lamb bhuna was another generous portion.

The grease was swimming around on top but that's the nature of the dish, lamb is fatty by nature. Fat equals flavour.

I tried the sauce first which was lovely.

The bits of meat are huge. If you're on a diet you don't want this one!

The bhuna was absolutely delicious, the lamb is so flavoursome.

The lamb is moist and just broke down, there were no chewy bits there.

It is perfectly cooked, the lamb melts away in your mouth, carrying all the flavours with it.

The pilau rice was packed out in the tub. It wasn't dry, it was moist and well cooked. lovely.

The poppadoms were nice and crisp, not soggy at all. It tasted beautiful with the vindaloo. The naan was also lovely with the meat inside, it takes the bread to another level.

The pickle tray was a great addition

This was my first Indian takeaway for over six months, but I think this will be my new local!

I highly recommend that you try Aroma, no matter your spice preference.

I couldn't find any fault in the meal at all.

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You can place an order by calling them on: 01229 588104.

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