THERE has been mixed reactions from readers after anti-vaccine protesters reportedly confronted pupils leaving school.

A small group of protesters gathered outside Furness Academy in Barrow to spread false claims about the Covid vaccine, according to eyewitnesses.

The protest came just days after another incident in which protesters rallied against the jab outside the children’s play area in the nearby Barrow Park.

Dave Bonkers Devlin said: "Keep these filthy animals away from our kids.

"Protest outside the town hall. Not schools and playgrounds."

Larry England said: "First kids' playground in the park, now a school targeting school kids."

Sarah Tinker Palfreyman said: "Honestly some people mentality is beyond shocking."

Sean Peace said: "It's more shameful that the government and others are pushing them to have an experimental jab."

David Egerton said: "Weirdos."

Lisa Hutchinson said: "There are protests all over the world to stop this not everyone is an anti vax conspiracy theorist."

Katie Mawhinney said: "The coercion and manipulation to get this jab should be red flags to everyone.

"I am not anti vax I am pro choice and the decision is being taken out of peoples hands with their livelihoods, holidays etc being threatened.

"I’m hoping at some point humanity will wake up to what’s happening before it’s too late."