RESIDENTS of a Copeland town have been treated to a curious site over the past ten days in the form of an escaped Siberian eagle owl.

The bird has been spotted around Millom and appears in no hurry to return to its owner.

A resident of the town, who asked that he remain anonymous, said the owl was first spotted in Queen's Park before moving down town.

It has become something of a celebrity during its ten days of freedom and has been nicknamed 'Millie of Millom'.

"People just want to get it back home," said the resident.

"That's all anyone's bothered about.

"I tell you one thing - it's doing a favour downtown, because the seagulls aren't very happy about it.

"The seagulls were sat on the Clock Tower roof looking very subdued and quiet.

"They weren't being their normal, reckless selves.

"They were keeping their distance and keeping their heads down."

The man said the bird's owner had been turning up sporadically to try and coax it home. He said he had been told the owner had tried to lure it with food, but that the owl had not been interested.

The man suggested the bird had been feeding on rats and said: "It's obviously got a full stomach and it's not interested in food."

'Millie' has become popular in the town and has been a source of fervent discussion on social media.

The anonymous resident said he had seen adults and children gather to take photographs of it.