A PLUME of black smoke in Roose has remained a mystery after energy company and emergency services deny any knowledge of a fire or incident in the area earlier this week.

The smoke was seen by many residents across Barrow in the early evening of September 7 and was a key talking point on social media following speculation over what had caused this plume.

Both Cumbria Constabulary and Cumbria Fire and Rescue stated that they had no call outs in their logs dispatching anyone to that area at the time for an incident which resulted in black smoke.

Many believed the source of the smoke to be from the gas terminal run by Spirit Energy, run by Centrica, as it appeared to be coming from the Rampside Road based site.

One resident from Roose said: "Last time smoke emanated from the incinerator stack, there was almost a major incident.

"I think the people of Roose need to know how close they come sometimes to a major incident occurring."

The resident was referencing an incident a few years ago where the Rampside Road site had to be shut down temporarily.

Three fire engines were called out to gas terminals in Barrow in back in February 2017 after increased temperatures in pressure equipment were identified.

Crews from Barrow, Ulverston and Walney were dispatched to Centrica's terminals off Rampside Road at approximately 1am.

Engineers in the control room of the site noticed higher than normal temperatures in the equipment which is used to pressurise the gas.

As a result, the terminals were then shut down and Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service were notified.

However, on this occasion the gas terminal operators denied any malfunction or issue at the site on Tuesday.

A spokeswoman for Spirit Energy said that she had spoken with the team, and they have confirmed "there was no incident and the terminal was operating normally".