WELL-WISHES have poured in for Hollywood Park's Pizza Hut staff.

Pizza Hut will serve its last meal on Saturday after plans were announced to convert the site into a drive-thru branch of Tim Hortons.

The Canadian chain is known for its fresh coffee and baked goods, and already has nearly 5,000 outlets worldwide across 14 countries.

However, the move has meant that 20 Pizza Hut staff members have been made redundant - and will work their last shift this Saturday.

Barbara Broadhead said: "Best of luck to you all. So sorry that you are losing your jobs."

Gheko said: "Tim Hortons will provide 'much-needed' employment opportunities.  Hopefully to ex Pizza hut staff."

Anne Woods said: "Good quality food; well prepared and served by great staff. Sad to see another business close in the town."

Laura Fieldhouse Leigh said: "One of the only places my autistic son feels comfortable eating out. It will be a loss for us."

Joanne Winter said: "I hope the staff are offered employment with the new coffee house. They work so hard at Pizza Hut. My son is autistic and they always make sure he sits somewhere comfortable and he is ok throughout the meal."

George Cubiss said: "Shame, I remember it opening and I think it was one of the first places at Hollywood Park to open back then.

"As a kid, I used to go there loads.

"It's places like Dominos that are making more with just being a takeaway/delivery service, it's the future these days. Pizza hut should follow suit and get yet another takeaway, because we all know they do well round here."

Samantha Brown said: "As if this is even happening? My girls and I absolutely love this place! The staff are amazing and wish them all luck for the future."