Third and fourth year children at Black Combe Junior School at Millom were busy for six months in late 1989 and early 1990 reorganising the school's library.

Under the guidance of Jean Griffiths, from the school library service, and with the support of parents and governors, the books had all been sorted and classified, using the Dewey system.

The children numbered the books with a colour-coded sticker, selected bays to house the various categories and prepared index cards, children's library cards and insert cards for every book.

In 1998 pupils at Black Combe School were planning to raise funds for a national television appeal which would directly help a fellow classmate who had cystic fibrosis.

Children in year six had organised a Blue Peter Bring and Buy Sale to boost funds for the Breathe Easy campaign to help people with the condition.

And ten-year-old Christopher Ogden, of Seathwaite Close, who had the illness which affects the digestive system and the lungs, was hoping that people in Millom would come out in droves to show their support for the event.

Pupils had co-ordinated the sale, to be held at the school on January 31, and had had minimal assistance form parents and teachers.

Kelly Conner, 11, of Moor Terrace, was appointed secretary for the organisation of the sale.

She said: "We will be sending letters to other schools and putting posters up as we really need as many people to come as we can.

"We're glad we can do something to help Christopher."

The children were to be educated about the illness by the school nurse and Christopher's mother, Anne.

Mrs Ogden was thrilled that money raised on the day would go to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, which her son visited every eight weeks for a health check.

She said: "We're very pleased about the appeal and that more people will be made aware there are a lot of people who suffer with it."