A DYING man who lost his job at the National Trust has received a huge amount of support from readers.

Martin Clayton, 52, from Millom, was dismissed from his role as a ranger following 19 years of service, just months after he was told his oesophageal cancer was terminal, with readers now stunned by the Trust's decision.

Roger Cresswell said: "This is beyond outrageous. The National Trust is going downhill fast in their attempt to 'cancel' anything they can.

"Get a solicitor onto it, I simply cannot believe their behaviour is acceptable."

Another reader said: "Reading this has left me feeling really sad.

"Finances over compassion and loyalty and from an organisation that relies heavily on the ethics and morality of those they employ to look after and take care of our beautiful surroundings.

"Legal dismissal or not, this sad news leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

"We really are just numbers aren't we!"

One reader added: "Words fail me.

"How would the person who made this decision feel if it was a member of their family.

"Utterly disgusting, you should hang your head in shame."

But one reader has argued: "I'm not sure what this man, or the commentators here, think the National Trust (NT) should be doing? He's been on half-pay sick leave for almost five years, and the job he had does not have retirement due to ill health.

"The sick leave will be government provided after all that time, so the NT wasn't paying his wages anyway.

"Are they suggesting that they continue to employ someone who cannot do any work right up until the moment of his death?

"His diagnosis is terminal, so he won't be returning to work; if you cannot do your job anymore, regardless of the situation, then it's only logical that your employer ends your employment.

"As for the commentators here suggesting its something to do with 'cancel culture' or the man's ethnicity. Grow up, and stop playing the persecution card."