BARROW AFC fans have been left ‘proud’ despite a defeat against Aston Villa. Barrow took on Villa in the Carabao Cup as a total of 5,349 packed into the Dunes Hotel Stadium. A victory wasn’t to be against the Premier League Team, with Barrow eventually suffering a 6-0 loss.

Mike Last said: “Proud of the lads for their effort couldn’t expect any more from them to be honest, couple of points of note hoofing the ball from the back to the forwards didn’t work as their defence won almost every ball perhaps passing it around with a bit of pace and more movement up front might have been an idea especially when plan a didn’t work. Also in the first half all the play was down the left with the right winger or right back hardly seeing the ball at all, his marker was nowhere near him most of the time either on the couple of occasions he did see the ball he put some decent crosses into towards villas goal.”

Sam Pearson said: “Out classed, lack of formation, a load of ball watching, not enough pace. It was expected to be fair but the lads played the whole 90 minutes and still tried and had a go and respect them for still trying to show compassion to the game which should still make us proud.”

Andy Blythe said: “Stopped Villa from having a corner there’s one positive.”

Ian Mcskimmings said: “For a team that struggle for training facilities and were favourites to get relegated from League Two I think they couldn’t have done anymore than give it a go. Up the Bluebirds. Nice to see big gates."

Allan Calvert said: “Very disappointing.” Peter Mogsy Morgan said: “Just outclassed really.”

Michael Graham said: “Villa team cost £45 million... Barrow team nothing. What do you expect.”

wonderwinger said: “Oh well very sad, it’s over now, let’s move on.”