AFTER a series of lethal collisions, works and breakdowns on the A590, the conversation between MPs, councillors and the public is becoming more impatient.

Calls have been made to build the relief bridge from Barrow to Morecambe which has been suggested for decades.

Tony Mason said: "How many accidents in the past month?  It's about time that bridge got built that they've been planning since the 1970s.  Barrow to Morecambe."

Tina Singleton said: "Just build the bridge."

Two Two Three said: "I welcome the Morecambe Bay Bridge project, for too long we have suffered the A590 deaths, traffic queuing and delays.

"The A590 can not carry the traffic that we have now, never mind in the future. Goods coming into Barrow, Ulverston, Millom etc can come off the M6, over the bridge and back in half the time. It will bring prosperity to the towns creating thousands of long-term jobs and employment."

However, some think that it's a pipe dream.

Paul Carr said: "Drive like you should and use your brain.  Be patient and considerate to the road conditions and other road users at all times and this will reduce accidents."

John Walker disagreed: "People keep saying this but how do you suppose we eradicate it?  The police and other motoring organisations have been trying to teach this since cars were invented."

David Armstrong said: "It's not the speed that's doing it it's the poor standard of driving.

"I drove for Tesco and before that I was a taxi driver.  I was up and down that road every other day with no problem.

"The standard of driving has gone down.  Before taxiing, I worked abroad for 30 years driving with no accidents.  The standard in England is so low, it's unbelievable.