READERS have had their say following news that glass is repeatedly being found at a popular park in Millom, its town council has warned.

Millom Town Council has spoken with Cumbria police as glass was again seen smashed at the park on St George’s Road.

A council spokesperson said on Friday: “The town council are aware of broken glass in the Millom Park. The cleaners have been in and cleaned up all that they could see.

"This is happening on a regular basis after the park has been closed and we are trying to address the situation with the police.The cleaners are going to take another look around the park this afternoon.”

This is what our readers had to say:

Lee Thompson said: "That is disgusting. How awful to want to hurt kids just having fun."

Elaine Houston said: "First baby oil on the slides then glass, what next?

"What joy do these kids get out of doing these things to our wonderful park which the younger ones enjoy so much. It’s time some were taught respect."

Gill Park said: "Ours was burnt down by vandals."

Boris White said: "Once upon a time there used to be park wardens.

"What was that group in 80s who dressed in Green patrolling certain area's?"

Anthony Perkins said: "If I was leader of Millom Town Council, I'd be hunting down these child vandals and preparing eviction orders to these kids and their parents to get rid of them from the town once and for all, because it's these kids who are giving Millom and surrounding areas a bad name and dragging down the town's reputation and the area's reputation in general.

"No town deserves this ignorant abhorrent and dangerous behaviour that poses a risk to young children using this playground and no area deserves to endure such appalling behaviour.

"All this rubbish 'there is nothing to do' trotted out by the kids is not a valid excuse to damage council property."