AN electric scooter rider's plea to have his sentence reduced fell on deaf ears.

Jamie David Leake was previously convicted of riding an e-scooter in Barrow without insurance.

He was ordered to pay a £419 by magistrates and given eight penalty points on his licence.

The 33-year-old took a bid to appeal the sentence to Preston Crown Court.

But the appeal was dismissed by a judge.

Leake was convicted of riding the e-scooter, which is illegal on public land, after he was stopped by police on Greengate Street on December 8.

The defendant, of Worcester Street, was previously sentenced for the offence in his absence after he contacted the court confirming his guilty plea.

Under UK law, it is legal to ride an electric scooter on private land as long as you have the landowner’s permission, but it is an offence to ride them in public.

More and more people are being prosecuted for riding e-scooters, with many unaware of the law.

Cumbria Police have previously warned people about law around e-scooters.

A spokesperson said: "Officers from the force’s roads policing unit are urging people to fully understand the law before buying or riding an e-scooter.

"E-scooters are illegal to use on roads, footpaths, cycle tracks/lanes, bridleways, or byways. The only legal place these privately purchased scooters can be ridden are on private land with the owner's consent.

"E-scooters are classed as a powered transporter and come under the same legislation as motor vehicles, therefore you need a licence and insurance to ride them.

"They also need to be registered to be ridden on the road."

Earlier this month, Ryan Daly was brought before a court after he was stopped riding the e-scooter near Tesco in Barrow.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court heard the 22-year-old, previously banned from driving, was not aware a driving licence was needed while riding the e-scooter.

He was also found with cannabis.