A FUNDRAISER aiming to 'Raise the Roof' is now in it's final hours.

Barrow Cricket Club has been raising funds via Sport England's crowdfunding project to see the old pavilion roof replaced and the building preserved for years to come.

The club, based at Ernest Pass Memorial Ground in Abbey Road, launched their appeal in June, initially aiming to raise £15,000.

They have since achieved this target, and are now hurtling towards their stretch target of £20,000.

They are currently sat at £16,381, raised between 94 supporters.

Ray Mowat of Barrow Cricket Club thanked supporters for digging deep. He said: "We have gone into the stretch target now, we had an initial target that got match funded by Sports England so now we can go to the stretch target which is £20,000.

"That would be absolutely wonderful if we got there but we have done well to get where we are so far.

"A massive thanks to anyone that has donated."

The extra money raised by the new stretch target will see new projects completed at the cricket ground.

It would help the club to improve disabled access to the front of the pavilion by creating a veranda, which will improve the viewing experience and create a fully accessible, outdoor, social area for anyone using the club's facilities.

Speaking about the new target, Mr Mowat said: "We could have gone for the higher target initially but we said it might have been a little too far and rather than set the bar too high we just said let's try and get the first match funding and go from there.

"It has been a great effort.

"Mark and Enid Milligan have been driving and coordinating it. They have done a really great job."

If you would like to make a donation to the Crowdfunder, visit the website at: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/raise-the-roof-barrow-cricket-club.