What is your favourite place for a bite to eat?

Here are some of the top ten places to consider in the future.

1. Takeaways Barrow

A favourite among local residents of Barrow. This takeaway has a collection of positive reviews online and is located on College House.

Jenny Karlman said: “Takeaways Barrow. Perfect every time.”

2. Barrow Pizza

Located on Cavendish Street, this pizza takeaway business is another popular choice for residents.

David Mayers said: “Barrow Pizza, only one to go to.”

3. Marmaris Grill

Duke Street’s Turkish food business that offers a very well received takeaway service offers the public something different for their meals.

Phil Burke said: “Marmaris Grill is a good one.”

4. Sizzle In

The popular Sizzle In brand is one of the most recognisable outlets in the North, with a very popular brand in Barrow.

Josh Katcham said: “Sizzle In is my favourite.”

5. Pizzarella

Located in Walney Island, this takeaway offers a wide range of pizzas and has been praised by the public online.

Amassing several very positive reviews the business has proven itself popular by the public.

Danny McAleese said: “Pizzarella for us. Might go later.”

6. The Hot Potato

William Street’s pizza takeaway has been a popular choice for local residents in Barrow and is one to consider next time you are out.

William Sparks said: “Hot Potato is great.”

7. Mithali Takeaway

The Indian takeaway is known for mixing contemporary furnishings with Asian decor, serving classic cuisine.

Another popular Barrow establishment located on Cavendish Street.

James Nickles said: “Mithali Takeaway. A really good Indian.”

8. Efes Continental

If pizza, burger, Indian or Turkish cuisine doesn’t suit you then why not try A good old fashion Kebab.

Another popular takeaway from Cavendish Street this is another interesting business to consider for the future. If you are looking for something new this is one to add to your list.

Demi Cooper said: “The Continental is the best one in Barrow.”

9. Lakeland Continental

Never a bad time for some classic fish and chips.

The Ulverston Continental, located on King Street is a must for any classic British lover of fish and chips.

Dave Clark said: "The Continental is a great place for some fish and chips on a good afternoon."

10. Starbay Chinese Takeaway

The Chinese takeaway located on Rawlinson Street is a popular choice for those who enjoy some very high standard cuisine.

Ged Bradley said: "The Starbay is a great one for a really good Chinese."