READERS have had their say after Lord Walney responded to suggestion that he caused violence on seagulls.

Elisabeth Ashleigh of Bardsea Bird Sanctuary suggested that Lord Walney's calls for the need of seagull culls in coastal towns like Barrow caused increased hate towards the birds in Barrow.

In response to this, Lord Walney said: "Over my nine years as the town’s MP, I like to think I had some influence on certain issues but I’m pretty clear that seagulls brought the hate on themselves without any encouragement from me!

Here's what readers had to say.

Lynda Chambers said: "I would never hurt a gull but sometimes it's a lot to do with people feeding them when they shouldn't be like my neighbour he feeds them most days and there all over my front garden in packs of 10 or more it isn't fair they should go back to there own place leave bins and bags and other items alone."

Vanessa Macdonald said: "If people put there rubbish in bins properly the birds wouldn't be in the bins... How's it the seagulls own doing it's dirty people at fault here... There's no excuse to hurt or kill them that's just evil."

Debbie Cooney said: "I don't wish harm on any animal but they are an absolute menace. They attack people and animals on the street to the point of not being able to leave the house without dodging them. Our cat was to afraid to go outside when they were nesting as she would be bombarded by gulls in her own back yard. I do believe that people do not help the problem with rubbish being left but something really needs to be done soon. Because someone says they need culling is not the reason people hurt them. They hurt them because they want to and that is not the answer either."

Cooper35 said: "For once, I agree with him. These birds are a menace."

GP Rose said: "The way to stop seagulls ripping open bags is to dispose of the bags properly."