CONMEN who take advantage of vulnerable people are being warned 'you will be brought to justice'.

That was the message of detectives in Cumbria, after they fought for justice for the family of an elderly man targeted by fraudsters.

But despite their determination to bring the conmen to justice the victim sadly passed away before the case went to court.

The two men – Darren O’Connor and John Hendry – were jailed on July 23 at Preston Crown Court for multiple offences having taken advantage of a vulnerable victim at his home in Ulverston.

Darren O’Connor, 56, of Anstable Road, and John Hendry, 59 of Heysham Road, both Morecambe, were sentenced to five years each.

Their sentences are for burglary, 12 counts of fraud by false representation and two counts of theft from an ATM.

O’Connor operated a business called Rapid Clear Pest Control and Rapid Clear Roofing Solutions from Morecambe.

On March 11, 2019 O’Connor attended the victim’s property and persuaded him they needed work done on his roof.

The work was completed to a poor standard the victim driven to the bank and gave O’Connor £2,500 in cash.

O’Connor returned three days later on March 14 saying more work needed done and persuaded the victim to hand over another £2,500 via a mobile chip and pin machine and again on the March 21 for £600 unknown to the victim.

On April 6, 2019, Hendry attended the victim’s property and made conversation about the building work encouraging the victim to enter his overgrown garden and look at the roof. During this conversation O’Connor entered the address and took the victim’s wallet.

When going back into his house, the victim noticed his wallet missing and contacted his bank and neighbour.

When the victim checked his bank account transactions had been made totalling £1,853.06 between 2.30pm and 5.30pm that day.

Hendry was arrested on August 9, 2019, and a pair of trainers similar to those on the transactions made were located at his home address.

Detective Constable Jamie Dickens, who brought the pair to justice, said “O’Connor and Hendry took advantage of the vulnerable victim for their own gain.

“This lengthy jail term shows those that take advantage of those most vulnerable within our communities will be brought to justice.

“Sadly, before justice was brought the victim became ill and passed away. I am pleased we have finally been able to get justice for him and his family.”