READERS have offered their thoughts after an MP became embroiled in a spat with the former leader of the Brexit Party over immigration.

Tim Farron was branded ‘hopelessly out of touch with the country’ on the issue by Nigel Farage.

It came after Mr Farage claimed numbers of people crossing the English Channel were ‘out of control’.

Mr Farron, Liberal Democrat MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, responded by saying it was ‘our moral duty to help’ refugees and that Mr Farage would know this if he had himself seen the desperation of people in refugee camps.

Readers had their say on the news by commenting on the online version of the article.

Brenda Willis said: “Mr Farron says they’re ‘desperate people who are fleeing war-torn countries’.

“Not by the time they’re fleeing France in dinghies they ain’t. France isn’t currently at war, didn’t you know?”

E Hennessy said: “The people referred to are not ‘illegal’ immigrants and are legally entitled to seek refuge in the UK.

“It’s important to use the correct terminology when discussing these issues.”

RippingYarn said: “They’re arriving illegally though aren’t they?

“Paying criminals and leaving a perfectly safe country.

“Not that desperate and not that poor really!”

Wewanttoknowthetruth said: “Not all of them are.

“Some want to claim legally but the system doesn’t help them and it should.”