A councillor has confirmed that work is being done to address the congestion around the roundabout on Hindpool Road.

Residents raised issues over congestion at the roundabout before a new Burger King was installed at Hindpool Retail Park back in March, and their fears over potential traffic issues seem to have been realised after councillors have been contacted about problems.

When the new restaurant was opening, The Mail’s readers voiced their opinion on multiple occasions, worrying about increased queuing at the roundabout that feeds two retail parks.

Cllr Bill McEwan said: “We are working on this.

“We have had meetings about this issue, and we are aware of the situation and the residents’ thoughts.

“We know it is causing a lot of problems for people and residents are upset about this.

“It must be causing people stress, but I can confirm we are working on a solution with multiple agencies.

“We had a meeting about this last week and we can confirm that things are being done."

He added: “It has been going on for a long time, but the new addition of Burger King has not added too much congestion.”

At the planning stage, the proposals were amended after concerns were raised by highways bosses from Cumbria County Council that the new drive-thru would lead to significant congestion in the area.

But objections were withdrawn after changes to the plans, which included lengthening the drive-thru queuing area and painting £5,000 ‘keep clear’ marking on the adjacent Hindpool Road, were put forward.

A council meeting before the plans were approved was told a traffic survey had been carried out at lunchtimes between a Friday and Sunday to gauge the level of traffic at probable peak times for the restaurant but the results showed the congestion would not be significant.

Cllr McEwan did not specify if there were any concrete plans in place but he did say that making sure that the correct action is taken can take time to achieve.