THE semi naked women posing in pictures alongside of Wayne Rooney asleep inside a Manchester hotel room are said to be from Cumbria.

National newspaper reports say the pictures were taken after Rooney met Tayler Ryan, Elise Melvin, and Brooke Morgan, all of whom are aged 21 on a night out.

The women are believed to be from Barrow

It was claimed in the national press that the incident had been reported, but Greater Manchester Police have stated no report was made and no action will be taken. 

The pictures are thought to have been taken in Manchester where the former England Captain was seen asleep in a chair in a hotel room with two of the women posing beside him.

Another picture showed Rooney in a night club sharing a kiss another girl.

It is rumoured the pictures - which have been widely circulated on social media - were taken at the Staycity Apartments in Manchester on Saturday night.

No comment has been issued by Rooney, who is a married father of four, at this time. He has however called the police over the pictures.

No sexual contact is believed to have taken place between Rooney and any of the women.

Rooney’s brother John played for Barrow AFC for two seasons before joining Stockport last Summer.