THE UK's favourite ice lollies has been revealed by Cumbria's Parkdean Resorts as the country's heat wave continues.

Parkdean Resorts have launched a video revealing how long it takes the UK's favourite ice lollies to melt in the heat this July.

The company found that the first to melt was the simple Ice Pop, lasting just 29 minutes shortly followed by the Fab, which lasted 37 minutes.

The Magnum lasted the longest with an impressive melt time of 60 minutes.

Just shortly behind the Magnum is the British favourite, a classic Cornetto, lasting 54 minutes.

  1. Magnum: 60 minutes
  2. Cornetto: 54 minutes
  3. Rowntrees Watermelon: 50 minutes
  4. Twister: 45 minutes
  5. Fruit Pastilles: 41 minutes
  6. Fab: 37 minutes
  7. Ice Pop: 29 minutes

The study also discovered how the winners and losers matched up to the UK's top picks for frozen treats, so the research dug a little deeper into the UK's search habits to reveal the UK's favourite ice lollies and ice cream flavours.