A MAN who assaulted his own father has been handed a four-month curfew by magistrates.

Paul Lackey, of Lawson Street, Barrow, was involved in an argument with his father, Peter, at his home on Holker Street on June 4, 2021, before assaulting his dad after he picked up a piece of wood from a table.

Peter Lackey suffered cuts to his hand from the incident, which had been kicked off when he found his 55-year-old son in a drunken state, the court heard.

Prosecutor Lee Dacre told the court that Peter found a drunk Paul at his home address, leading to a confrontation where Paul told his dad: ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’

Mr Dacre added: “He (Paul) told police he was an alcoholic and that his father didn’t like it when he returned home and found him drunk.

“He said that he lost his temper and didn’t mean to hurt his father.”

Paul, who has five previous convictions, pleaded guilty to assault at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Defence solicitor Maureen Fawcett told magistrates Lackey has ‘shown full remorse’ for his actions.

Ms Fawcett said: "Mr Lackey has pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity today and shown full remorse.

"A police officer said he was sat in the garden and was disgusted with himself after the incident.

"This happened on a reckless basis.

"He does tell me that he has had a problem involving alcohol for a number of years.”

After his last offence in 2019, Lackey was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment requirement, which lasted six months.

Ms Fawcett told the court that he is now completing an online programme with the alcohol and drug recovery service, Unity.

The court then heard that, Lackey was hoping to receive a curfew as part of his punishment for this offence.

Ms Fawcett added: “He actually thinks that he would benefit from a curfew order because it would keep him out of the pubs at night - keeping him out of the Wetherspoon in the evening would be a punishment."

And magistrates placed Lackey on a 16-week curfew and ordered a £180 fine.

The curfew will be from 4.00pm until 6.00am every day and Lackey will be required to stay at his home address on Lawson Street during these hours.

Chair of the bench Christopher Harris warned Lackey to follow the curfew's conditions

Mr Harris said: “In reaching our decision, which I will announce in a moment, we have taken into account a number of factors. The fact that this offence took place in a domestic violence scenario is one that that we attach seriously.

“Alcohol was involved and injury was caused by a weapon, but we do accept that this was reckless.

"You do have a record and it has alcohol running right through its veins.

"We also recognise that the complainant, in this case your father, has retracted the complaint.

"We have tried before the unpaid work, the alcohol treatment – they haven’t worked and that is why you are here today.

"Do not be tempted to break your curfew, it will have serious consequences for you."