READERS have reacted in sympathy with a family from Barrow who have urged landlords to "take a chance on them" after having a "nightmare" few months trying to find a three-bed house to live.

Ben Ravetta, his pregnant girlfriend Hayley Wilson, 29, and their one-year-old Hallie are on the brink of homelessness after accepting a six month notice from their landlord who wants to sell up.

Carol Ann Fleming said: "This is shocking their local council should help them , whenever I say they should build blocks of terraced houses like they used to people say but people want a garden i say a home is more important than a garden and you could house more families."

Natasha Reed said: "Isn't there a law now passed that landlords can't decline people on the basis of having pets?"

Sandy Turner said: "Don’t think it is actually illegal yet."

Anthony Perkins said: "Natasha Reed It hasn't come into law yet."

Anthony Perkins said: "It's just a timely reminder that any one of us is just a few steps away from homelessness, which can happen even if we've haven't abused our tenancy agreement or done anything wrong or done anything against the T's&C's of our tenancy agreement i.e. making alterations that are not permitted / subletting to friends or unrelated people / using unauthorized forms of heating such as domestic bottled gas mobile heaters.

"If a landlord wants to sell up, perhaps to get out of letting i.e. past experiences of bad tenants, using the place illegally to deal and take drugs, using the place for an ILLEGAL cannabis farm etc, or sell up to, perhaps top up their meagre retirement pensions, then they have the right to do that, but equally the same landlord should be made to step in and assist those who are affected to find a new home."

Funny me said: "I really hope someone can help this family."

Lara999 said: "Unfortunately my rentals are full but I have no problem with pets. They behave better than most humans."

Agony Ivy said: "I hope someone can help you out.

"Good luck."