FEARS have been raised that new housing developments in a town are putting pressure on local services.

The boss of a community group is concerned that new housing complexes are placing extra strain on services, such as bin collections.

Dave Taylor, of the Dalton Community Action Group, raised gripes over for 28 new houses to be built at Long Lane in the town.

Dalton Town Council has lodged an objection to the plan over traffic concerns.

Mr Taylor said: "Dalton is in serious need of an up-to-date traffic census carrying out throughout the town.

"New housing is putting pressure on local amenities and services such as the Dalton surgery which already struggles.

"It's more pressure on the bin men who are already stretched with all the new housing developments.

"If they need houses then build them in Barrow."

A decision on the plans submitted is pending.

An objection from Dalton Town Council said: "The town Council have serious concerns at the proposal to install residential access (vehicular and pedestrian) from the site directly onto Long Lane.

"The location of the new access would be at a point where the highway ‘dips’ at the bottom of a rise, despite site lines being stated on the proposed site layout at 60m this would mean oncoming traffic on the main carriageway approaching the access from over the brow of the rise, this includes fully laden HGV’s which significantly increases the stopping distance.

Locally this junction is regarded by the public as an accident ‘blackspot’.

The plans include 28 detached homes of a mix of single storey, two storey, and two and a half storey, four flats, a new site entrance and associated works.

Plans submitted to Barrow Council by Mulberry Homes said: "The proposals have been formulated over a long period of time with discussion between the planning authority and the client over a period of two years, with care to be taken over existing features such as the difference in levels, the hedgerows, and the surrounding nearby properties.

"However based upon the principle already around the site it would be at a density similar to that surround the site which is well established.

"The proposed design will attempt to create a more modern private housing estate continuing that already established previous schemes by the developer."

A spokesman for Mulberry Homes said the development would provide 'much needed' growth and housing for families.