A woman said she felt scared to be in her own home after a ‘terrifying’ incident during the night.

Diane Smith was woken up in the early hours by a series of loud bangs outside her home in Ulverston.

She discovered the next morning that the windscreen of her car had been smashed in with a stone ornament taken from a nearby garden.

Miss Smith, 50, said she feared she was being targeted – but does not know why.

She said: “I heard a massive bang in the middle of night.

“I was really scared so I jumped out of bed.

"Then I heard another massive thud that sounded like someone putting the kitchen window through.

“I peeked through the curtains.

“I should’ve phoned 999 but I was too scared.”

Miss Smith said her side gate had been opened, suggesting the culprits had also been in her garden.

She believes they were scared away by her dog.

She added: “I’m absolutely terrified.

“I feel sick, I feel physically sick – I feel like I’ve been targeted.

“I’m scared it’s going to happen again.”

Miss Smith has urged anyone with information on the incident, which happened on Beech Drive on Tuesday, to inform the police.

“If anybody has any information on suspicious activity then please get in touch with the police on 101," she said.

Ulverston East councillor Mark Wilson said the incident was not representative of the area but admitted it was concerning.

“That does seem to be terrifying and out of the usual,” he said.

“I do hope police can get a lead on it.

CONCERNED: Councillor Mark Wilson said it seemed to have been a terrifying incident

CONCERNED: Councillor Mark Wilson said it seemed to have been a 'terrifying' incident

“There are some indications some people are having a hot-head summer.”

He warned people to be vigilant following the incident and report any information to police.

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

A spokeswoman for Cumbria police said: “Police were called at about 8.45am to the report of criminal damage to a vehicle.

“The incident is reported to have occurred at 2.30am.”